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This page is dedicated to a special man in my life, his name was Ghostman Casper aka Casper.

Casper was born my Jr year of high school, I had purchased his mom when she was bred.
Casper became my friend, my buddy, my pride and joy.
Eventually, Casper became my trusty old cow horse. Yes, he was almost purebred Arab, but also the cow horse
with the most heart in the county! I used to call Casper my timex horse, he took a lickin' but kept on tickin'.
On September 3rd at 25 years of age, we had to put down my dear old friend.
Casper, may you forever rest in peace my friend. We had many a good time together in the saddle.
You will be forever remembered.

Below left, when he was actively my ranch horse. Below right, his last years spent frolicking in the pastures.